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Improving Access to Science and Technology Higher Education in Resource-Poor Institutions through an Open Platform for Technology Enabled Active Learning Environment / TEAL2.O



     The TEAL2.O project is implemented by a consortium of 11 universities from Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Italy, Norway and Romania, joined by a private company from Bulgaria.
     Improving access to Science and Technology higher education is top priority in the participating Asian countries. Increasing Gross Enrollment Ratios and reaching underrepresented and disadvantaged groups requires investing serious effort into Open and Distance Learning (ODL). Yet, ODL and increased access, especially in resource-poor institutions, pose many quality-related challenges resulting from shortages of expertise, technological equipment, collaboration and internationalization. We aim to contribute to addressing these challenges and facilitate access to higher education through a comprehensive technological solution.
    610186-EPP-1-2019-LK -EPPKA2-CBHE-JP
  1. To develop, validate and launch a collaborative and modular open Technology Enabled Active Learning (TEAL) platform, in the form of an open access online tool hosted in the cloud, allowing full customization to suit the needs of individual institutions, faculty, and learners in the PC contexts
  2. To initiate learning & teaching content development through the platform in key S&T areas,thus kick-starting and promoting the use of the platform in learning networks within the PCs
  3. To build human resources capacity and sustainable support structures in order to enable the active exploitation of the platform in the participating PC institutions.

Dr. Phisut Apichayakul Naresuan University,

  Under the TEAL 2.0 Project, TEAL 2.0 Support and Development Centers (SDCs) will be set up and launched in the 3 partnering countries, namely India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand, and in the 8 participating institutes.

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More online course platforms and prepare learning environment for our learner

   TEAL2.O will be devoted to customizability and collaborative development. Customizability will not be limited to the stage of developing programs or courses and content but also to the learning process. This allows learners to develop their own course with their own learning outcomes as well

Key Highlight Project

Access digital learning content developed around the globe

Learner can access learning content both create by teaching staff within the university or international university

Autonomous assessment and quality assurance
Technology-enabled environment for learning

offering integration of various technology options, open software and open hardware (e.g. Arduino)

Collaborative learning and teaching

Student-centered base learning.

Support and Development Centre Room

     The Support and Development Center (SDC) has been established at Naresuan University in the frame of TEAL2.0 project as university support structures tasked with promoting the use and further development of the TEAL2.O environment among students and teaching staff within the university

Modern Learning Technology

To providing access to high-quality global expertise and modern learning support technology and virtual laboratories.

Distance Learning

To enhance the quality of online learning within the University

We provide facility for leaner to access courses using the TEAL2.O platform, organize faculty and student training focused on the use of the platform

Content Development

To deliver courses using the TEAL2.O platform

we offer working space for individual faculty interested in developing advanced content